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Norbert Schoenauer, a prominent expert on the history of housing, architect and Emeritus Professor at the McGill School of Architecture passed away in 2001. His legacy is in part represented by the donation of Norbert Schoenauer's working library, numbering some 1500 titles and housed in the Blackader-Lauterman Library of Architecture and Art. Of considerable scholarly importance is the Norbert Schoenauer Housing Archive, housed in the John Bland Canadian Architecture Collection, which includes forty- eight signature projects and over five hundred drawings, as well as paper files. Access to the Schoenauer library and archive will be facilitated by the recently published guide, Norbert Schoenauer Collections (Montreal: McGill University Libraries, 2003), as well as by the means of the present website.

Dr. Irena Žantovská Murray
Chief Curator
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John Bland Canadian Architecture Collection
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Resolution on the death of Professor Emeritus Norbert Schoenauer, 1923-2001

Courtesy of the
McGill School of Architecture

Professor Emeritus Norbert Schoenauer died on August 7, 2001, following a brief illness. He was a colleague, friend, and mentor to many, and his death marked the end of a distinguished career that spanned more than forty years at the McGill School of Architecture. Norbert was born in 1923 in Transylvania, and studied in Budapest and Copenhagen before obtaining his M.Arch. at McGill in 1959. He joined the faculty of the School in 1960, was appointed Assistant Professor in 1961 and served as Director of the School in the early 1970's.