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In addition to being a teacher and practitioner of architecture, Percy Nobbs was also a prolific writer. He wrote widely on art, architecture and planning: topics central to his personal and professional interests. Additionally, Nobbs wrote a number of works about his hobbies and interests.

An excellent summary on "The Writings of Percy Erskine Nobbs" was featured in the original catalogue of the Nobbs Fonds at the John Bland Canadian Architecture Collection, and is reproduced here online. In order to make his writings more widely available, many of them have been reproduced on this site, and can be found under the bibliographic listings of his writings. Furthermore, extensive sections of his major work, Design: a Treatise on the Discovery of Form, have been made available online due to this effort. Two chapters from Nobbs' unpublished autobiographical manuscript are also being made available for the first time, and can be found with his biographical information.

In addition to Nobbs' own writings, numerous publications have been produced on his and his partners' work. It is with great pleasure that we have been able to introduce these works, many of which are out-of-print, to a broad audience. In particular, we would like to thank their authors for allowing us to provide access to the following works:

Percy Erskine Nobbs: Architect, Artist, Craftsman
by Susan Wagg

Percy Erskine Nobbs: Architecte, Artiste, Artisan
by Susan Wagg

Percy Erskine Nobbs: Teacher and Builder of Architecture
by Norbert Schoenauer [1923-2001]

Architecture in Transition: From Art to Practice, 1885 - 1906
by Kelly Crossman