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American Architect and Building News (AABN)
The American Architect - The Architectural Review (Am Archi - Arch Rev)
Architect and Building News (Archt Build News)
The Architects Journal (Archt J)
Architectural Association Sketch Book (Arch Assoc Sketch Book) Architectural Forum (Arch For)
Architectural Review (Arch Rev)
Atlantic Salmon Journal (Atlan Salmon J)
British Architect (Br Archt) Builders' Journal (Build J)
The Builder's Journal and Architectural Record (Build J Arch Rec)
The Building News (Build News)
The Canadian Architect and Builder (CAB)
The Canadian Architect and Builder: Architects' Edition (CAB Archt Ed) Canadian Engineer (Can Eng)
Canadian Geographical Journal (Can Ceog J)
Canadian Homes and Gardens (Can Homes)
Canadian Municipal Journal (Can Munie J)
Illustrated Canadian Forest and Outdoors (III Can Forest Outd)
Illustrated Canadian Forestry Magazine (III Can Forestry Mag)
Journal of the American Institute of Architects (JAIA)
The Journal, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (JRAIC)
Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects (JRIBA)
Journal of the Town Planning Institute of Canada (JTPIC)
New Trail: the University of Alberta Magazine (New Trail: U of A Mag)
Pencil Points (Pen Pts)
Proceedings of the Ontario Architects Association (Proc OAA)

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