Cairnhill Road Condominiums
Project Title
Cairnhill Road Condominiums
Alternate Titles
The Edge
Located in the center of downtown Singapore, near Newton Circle, this 46-unit luxury high rise complex comprises three freestanding semicircular 20-story towers. Each tower consists of a solid masonry curved wall on its inward side; a fully glazed, sunshaded wall with a cantilevered semicircular mid-section characterizes its outward side. Two of the towers accommodate one apartment per floor, while the third features stacked duplexes. Each dwelling enjoys 360-degree openness and views.

Elevators provide direct access to the apartments. Bridges on each level connect the towers on the inward-facing walls and provide alternate means of entry and exit. In response to Singapore’s tropical climate and a desire for transparency, the external glass walls are equipped with cantilevered slatted metal sunshades. The ground and mezzanine levels accommodate parking, a health club, and a swimming pool.

PDF table of contents: 1 View from ground level; 2 Façade view; 3 View from ground level; 4 Site plan; 5 Typical floor plan


between 1997 and 2003
Completion Date
Client: Sembawang Properties PTE., Ltd.;

Size: 11,705 sq m (126,000 sq ft)

Cost: S $21.3 million;

Project Type
Safdie Architects
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