The Seasons in Habitat '67

There are two kinds of people living in Habitat – the ones whose apartments face the city and the ones facing the river and beyond. I call them the “culture” versus “nature” people. The nature people wonder how the other half can stand the traffic leading to the Casino. The noise. The pollution. The traffic jams. People gawking from their cars and taking photographs of you unbathed, eating breakfast in your PJ’s. The “city rats”, amused, think of the other half as a group of rustic retirees. The river flows. The birds fly. So what? What about the drama of the port? The ocean liners sliding in majestically at midnight? The lights of the city coming on, row by row, column by column, at twilight? The solution, of course, is to have an apartment on top, with four views at your disposal. To have both Arcadia and action is the thing.
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