The different sections of this site describe Habitat'67 from its construction to the present, however some of the frequently asked questions about the Structure are listed below:

How many units and how many residences are there in Habitat'67?

Answer: There are 354 units and 150 residences in Habitat'67.
Ten units have been integrated into adjacent residences since its construction in 1967.
6% use one box
60% use two boxes
29% use 3 boxes
4%use 4 boxes
1% use 5 boxes
one unit has eight boxes.

How much reinforced concrete was used for the structure?

Answer: 20,000 including infrastructure, foundation, garage, and boxes. Not including exterior and landscaping.

What is the wind pressure on the tenth floor walkway?

Answer: 20 psi

How far is Habitat'67 from downtown Montreal?

Answer:Ten minutes by bus.

How many parking spaces are there in Habitat'67

Answer: There are 200 covered parking spots below the main plaza level, and there are 76 parking spots outside along the internal road and side roads. The internal parking and garage space is 55,000 sq.ft.

What is the propotion of private space vs. circulation space in the structure?

Answer: The circulation space including streets, sidewalks, 2nd floor terrace and exterior stairs is 110,000 sq.ft. Indoor parking and garage space equal 55,000 sq.ft. The public and circulation space thus totals to 165,000 sq. ft.
There are 354 units (each being 19ft x 38ft externally) hence the livable space totals to 250,000 sq ft. The private space is thus 1.5 times the public space.

What kind of glass is used for the walkways?

Answer: Plexiglass.

What other features are offered by the complex?
Answer: Tennis courts.

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