Mamilla Center: David's Village
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Mamilla Center: David's Village
David’s Village residential complex sits on the south bank of Hinnom Valley in Mamilla Center. Totaling 200 units, these terraced luxury dwellings overlook the city wall and follow the natural topography of the site. Many of the homes bridge pedestrian walkways and parking is provided below ground, creating a new public realm framed by greenery and open space. The new buildings are carefully woven into an urban fabric that is balanced with the preservation and restoration of historic structures.

Images on this page: 1 Views of David's Village residences; 2 Views of David's Village residences

Jerusalem, Israel

between 1986 and 1998
Completion Date
Client: Ladbroke Group/Alrov

Size: 27,871 sq m (300,000 sq ft)

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Safdie Architects
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