Immobilia Condominiums
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Immobilia Condominiums
In 1974, Moshe Safdie was asked to design a condominium complex on a 3,142.4 square metre site at the corner of Ste. Catherine Street and Landsdowne Avenue in Westmount, Quebec. The twelve-storey terraced condominium complex was originally to include a total of 106 units with underground parking. However, many schemes were developed over the course of two years to reduce the number of units. About two-thirds of the units faced Westmount's Little Mountain, with large terraces to capture the views. The project was never built according to Safdie's designs due to financial difficulties encountered by the client.

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Westmount, Quebec, Canada

between 1974 and 1975
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Client: Immobilia Inc.

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Safdie Architects
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