Fort Lincoln Urban Renewal Project #1
Project Title
Fort Lincoln Urban Renewal Project #1
Fort Lincoln-Habitat Uniment Technology Urban Renewal Project, was a study for low and moderate income housing being developed by the Redevelopment Land Agency in Washington, D.C. Each section of approximately 120 dwelling units was to be designed by a different architect and built using different technologies. Safdie's proposal consisted of a 4-1/2 story high grouping with covered parking and pedestrian circulation at the center of the building. Engineering refinements, such as lightweight chemically prestressed concrete called "Chem-Stress," were introduced to substantially reduce the thickness and weight of concrete walls and slabs. Safdie concluded that, although a great cost reduction was made over Habitat '67, it was not possible to apply the system within the cost limitations of the program study.

Images on this page: 1 Physical model; 2 Unit model detail; 3 Physical model; 4 Physical model; 5 Module sections and plans

Washington, D.C., United States of America

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Client: Redevelopment Land Agency

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Safdie Architects
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