Atrium On The Plaza
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Atrium On The Plaza
The name of this project was derived from its location, adjacent to a "plaza" shopping center outside of downtown Kansas City, and the design of the units which have as their focal point a two-story, 200 square foot glass enclosed atrium. The project is composed of forty luxury condominium units positioned on a steeply sloped site. Because of the slope, uphill units will have spectacular views over the roofs of the buildings below. In addition, the slope helps to enclose internal gardens and outdoor terraces which open directly from the atrium to afford more privacy for its residents. The highlighted enclosed atrium can be used as a green house or garden room extension of the living area, and also serves as a solar collector during the winter months. During the summer it is protected from overheating by a retractable exterior shade.

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Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America

between 1978 and 1980
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Client: Stamford New Urban Corporation

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Safdie Architects
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