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4. Hugh A. Allan House Montreal, Canada, (2/1895)
Residential, Urban house (semi-detached; basement, 2 floors, attic; 2 bedrooms); brick; composite, Built

6. J.B. Allan House, Alterations Dorval, Canada, (1897)
Residential, Country house [addition:ground floor: kitchen, servants' hall; first floor: 4 bedrooms]; stone; wall bearing, Built?

8. J.B. Allan Stable, Alterations Dorval, Canada, (-)
Residential, Stable,

10. J. B. Allan House Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue [Senneville], Canada, ([1895-1896])
Residential, Country house [2 floors, 6 bedrooms]; brick; wall bearing, Demolished

20. Mrs. S.W. Beard’s Property, Development Proposal Montreal, Canada, (4/1899)
Residential, [Urban houses (attached)], Proposal

21. Belcher Memorial Church Proposal (Saint-Clement’s Anglican Church) Verdun, Canada, (2/1900)
Religious, Church (1 floor); brick; wall bearing, Proposal

24. Bell Telephone of Canada Company Building Montreal, Canada, (10/1890-3/1897)
Commercial, Office building (basement, 5 floors); brick/stone; composite, Demolished

25. J.H. Birks House Montreal, Canada, (1900-1)
Residential, Urban house (detached, basement, 2 floors, attic); brick; composite, Built

27. Mr. Blackwell and Mr. Stephenson Houses, Additions and Alterations Montreal, Canada, (1899)
Residential, Urban house [addition: basement: furnace room; ground floor: smoking room; first floor: dressing room; alteration: attic] on paper; 3 pencil on paper, Demolished

28. Mr. and Mrs. Bowie Houses, Alterations and Additions Montreal, Canada, ([1894])
Residential, Urban houses (attached), Built [1428 and 1430]; Demolished [1400-1420]

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