I M A G E S:
Mrs. S.W. Beard’s Property, Development Proposal(4/1899)
Pine and Cedar Avenues, Saint-Antoine Ward, Montreal, QC, Canada
Residential, [Urban houses (attached)]

Client: Mrs. S.W. Beard
Architect: E. Maxwell

Description: A proposal to erect twelve row house on a north-south axis from Cedar Avenue to Pine Avenue West. Mrs Beard’s property extends 310 feet from Pine Avenue where an existing stone mansion stands, to Cedar Avenue, almost 100 feet uphill. The houses form a crescent around a formal driveway; there is a lane at the back. Twin houses at either end were slightly larger with bay-windows, towers and side elevations. With a slope of 30% this looks like a difficult proposition, and the scheme was not implemented.

Holdings: [Urban houses (attached)]
2 Drawings: 2 ink on linen
1 Survey drawing: property levels
1 Development drawing: block plan

I M A G E S:  Drawings  
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