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Fermont Archive Drawings

Fermont Dwg. 01
Master Plan - Presentation Drawing
Media: Black ink and color marker on paper.
Description: Drawing identifies the following: parking layout and maximum vehicle capacity, library, primary and secondary school, municipal, offices, gymnasium, auditorium, bowling alley, service yard, liquor, hardware, bank, sporting, bank, drug store, gift, barber, beauty, gasoline, department store, central heating, news, men's, women's, children, dry cleaners, bakery, cafeteria, restaurant, supermarket, gasoline, swimming pool, ice hockey rink, curling club. Arrows are used to indicate main entrances into pedestrian mall and to elevator cores. Bar scale indicated is 1"=100'. Other items highlighted in colored marker are trees, pedestrian mall, elevator cores, open public spaces, green spaces and windscreen.

Fermont Dwg. 02
Master Plan - Presentation Drawing.
Media: Black ink and color marker on paper. Hard lines and free hand.
This drawing identifies the following: Primary road, collector street, local street, pedestrian path, windscreen building, community facilities, public open spaces and wooded areas. Also shown are the building lot layouts, shopping center, education center, recreation center, Zones A, B, C, TC, T, "410 du" (dwelling units), "337 du", "104 du" and "419 du".

Fermont Dwg. 03
Master Plan Drawing.
Media: Black ink on film.
Description: This is an original drawing of the entire site indicating the following: boundary of site, roads, paths, parking, more developed building blocks and future lots indicated with dashed lines. All building elements are shaded in.

Fermont Dwg. 04
Site Plan
Media: *Blueprint.
Description: Community buildings and residential buildings are shaded in.
*This drawing appears to include the input of several consultants as evidenced by random notes and figures scribbled in colored pen over drawing.

Fermont Dwg. 05
Plan de Situation
Media: Blueprint.
Description: This site plan identifies the following: centre educatif, municipal, centre de recreation, centre d’achats, hotel and residence des ensignants. This drawing emphasis the layout of the “heart” or “centre” of the town plan and is primarily comprised of community buildings.

Fermont Dwg. 06
Ville de Fermont – Annexe 2
Media: Blueprint.
Description: This plan shows the housing lot numbers and official street names.

Fermont Dwg. 07-26
Civil engineering drawings.
Media: Blueprint copy.
Description: These drawings are technical drawings by engineers. Information included about the following: street location, sidewalks, curbs, windscreen bldg location, clearing, grubbing, underground utilities, access road plans, regarding of main highway, parking and final grading plan.

Fermont Dwg. 27
Town of Gagnon
Media: Blueprint.
Description: This is a plan of the existing town of Gagnon.

Q.C.M. New Town (booklet)
Digitally scanned: View of indoor shopping mall and outdoor mall.