Air Defence Headquarters(1978)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Defense and Aviation,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Commercial, Religious
Office Building, Mosque


The Air Defense Headquarters houses the Office of the Commander of the Air Defense Forces and his assistants, Research and Development, the Directorate of Planning Projects, Public Relations, the Finance, Military and Civilian Personnel Departments, to name a few. In addition, the Headquarters incorporates a mosque, barracks and a mess hall into its scheme. The site is approximately 4 hectares with walls bermed on all sides. The site is divided into three zones: a service zone; a transitional zone, formally landscaped to create an appropriate entry for the Headquarter Building; and the platform zone, on which the building sits. The 20 250 m2 building is a limestone-clad stepped pyramid with its roof stepped in form, a concrete shield sheltering an inner landscaped garden, which all administrative offices face.

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