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cover page Arthur Erickson: the Middle East Projects, A Guide to the Archive. Les projets du Moyen-Orient, guide du fonds. Montreal: Canadian Architecture Collection, Blackader-Lauterman Library of Architecture and Art, McGill University, 1999.
cover pageErickson, Arthur. The Architecture of Arthur Erickson. Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre, 1988.
This book takes a broad look at Erickson's career and covers many projects (including unsuccessful competition entries) from the 1950s to the late 1980s. Includes numerous photographs, floorplans, elevations etc.
cover pageArthur Erickson AIA Gold Medal 1986. The American Institute of Architects, 1986.
cover pageArchitecture in Process: Arthur Erickson Selected Works. Co-hosted by The Architectural Society of China and the College of Architecture, Tsing Hua University, Beijing. 1985
cover pageShapiro, Barbara E.Arthur Erickson: Selected Projects 1971-1985: an Exhibition. New York: Center for Inter-American Relations, 1985.
cover pageIglauer, Edith. Seven Stones: A Portrait of Arthur Erickson, Architect. British Columbia: Harbour Publishing, 1981.
A thorough review of Erickson's career to 1981, including some Middle East projects. Includes numerous photographs, plans, drawings.
cover pageErickson, Arthur. The Architecture of Arthur Erickson. Montreal: Tundra Books, 1975.
A photographic essay featuring twelve projects, of which, seven are private homes, two are universities, two are Canadian Expo pavilions, and one is an office building. Includes floor plans and sections.