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Aurther Erickson Portrait
In the introduction to Carole Moore Ede's Canadian Architecture 1960-1970, Erickson wrote referring to the ARCOP group of architects, who had just preceded him at McGill, "The lessons of their architectural heritage - sound construction, simple and subtle detail and respect for materials - had been learned by this group, all graduates of the McGill School of Architecture at the height of its influence." And further on, "Not the least of the influences on Montreal's rejuvenation was the vitality of the planning department also staffed with McGill graduates of the best years." Erickson has also written in relation to the McGill School, "Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer were masters to be emulated....Another professor primed us in the tenets of Le Corbusier....Frank Lloyd Wright's work was given only grudging tolerance, so by the end of my third year I had been cleansed of any romantic or muddy tendencies.... I had become a paragon of the new rationalism." And finally from Seven Stones, "My whole life in architecture has been a continual unfolding. I enjoyed every minute of my four years at McGill."

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