Rupert's Terrace
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View of McTavish Street from Mt. Royal with Rupert's Terrace (1869) -- McGill Archives

Rupert's Terrace, almost as prominent a building as the Prince of Wales Terrace to the south, was built in 1862 on McTavish Street where it meets Sherbrooke. It consisted of eight row houses, of which the northernmost three were demolished by Alfred Baumgarten when he constructed his house on McTavish Street in 1886. In 1990, the southernmost two houses were taken down to allow space for the new Bookstore. The remaining three houses are today occupied by McGill's Department of East Asian Studies, the Arts Faculty, and the McGill-Queen's University Press.

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Built 1862, partially demolished 1865, 1990
Architect - unknown
Donor - none
Current use - East Asian Studies, Arts, McGill-Queen's University Press

Baumgarten House
-- Notman Archive (McCord Museum)

McGill University Bookstore