The Traquair drawing archive contains 1,170 measured drawings from 107 buildings. The students in the School of Architecture at McGill University, recorded these buildings in and around the province of Quebec between 1924 and 1930 under Ramsay Traquair's direction and later continued under John Bland. The original material that was too large for digitisation was scanned from the book Old Architecture of Quebec for full representation. The 120 selected drawings were grouped into the following categories: early Student watercolours; historic churches, houses and their details; furniture; and miscellaneous details, such as ironworks. The full inventory of the drawing material is found in Ramsay Traquair and His Successors: A Guide to the Archive / Ramsay Traquair et ses successeurs : guide du fonds, Canadian Architecture Collection, McGill University, Montreal, 1987 (2 vols.).


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