Special occasions have been more frequent in recent years, with the 25th and 30th anniversary celebrations as a focus. Such events are considered good fundraising opportunities and have provided scholarship money for both McGill's and Universite de Montreal's architecture students. The successful fundraising efforts are perhaps the most visible link between the Habitat community and architectural education in the city.
Some memorabilia from the
30th anniversary in 1997
The Community of Habitat

Habitat residents differ in how they see, and conduct, their relationship with others in the Habitat community. Professionals who work downtown and share similar business hours get to know each other relatively well on the Habitat bus, both a convenient form of transportation and a platform for the discussion of anything from weather to politics.(movie)

The athletically - minded residents might face one another on the Habitat tennis courts and this does make for a special sub-group as a result. The dog lovers, too, form a special interest group within the Habitat community. On the whole, residents get together regularly for the Special Partners Meeting held annually to review Habitat partnership's fiscal health, make maintenance plans for the coming year, and address grievances or questions from residents.