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654. The Winter Club Ltd. Skating Rink Montreal, Canada, (1/1912-1/1913)
Recreational, Rink and clubhouse: (clubhouse: 2 floors); brick; composite, Built

660. John Young Monument Pointe-à-Callière, Canada, (1908)
Cultural, Memorial, Built

672. Joseph Caine, Six Dwelling Houses Rosemount, Canada, (2/1941)
Residential, Housing [basement, 2 floors, 2 bedrooms]; brick; wall bearing, Built?

678. E.J. Maxwell Limited Office Building Montreal [Saint-Henri], Canada, (7/1944 - 8/1944)
Commercial, Office building [2 floors, 7 offices]; brick; composite, Built

695. George Horne Russell House (Cedar Nook) Saint-Andrews, Canada, (1924)
Residential, Country house, Built

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