I M A G E S:
Roy Geddes Cottage, Additions and Alterations(11/1939-4/1940)
Georgeville, QC, Canada
Residential, Cottage; wood; wall bearing

Client: Roy Geddes
Architect: W.S. Maxwell & G.M. Pitts

Description: The residential cottage of Mr. Roy Geddes at Georgeville was one of the many alteration projects done by the Maxwell & Pitts partnership. The alteration to the cottage included redefining the circulation pattern but retaining the functional components at the same place. New additions such as window openings, fireplaces, cornice and roof detailing were important features of the design. The space over the living room on the first floor was converted to three spacious bedrooms.

Holdings: Cottage; wood; wall bearing
44 Drawings: 16 ink on paper; 28 pencil on paper
3 Measured drawings: floor plans, elevation, sections
16 Sketch drawings: perspective, floor plans, elevation, structure, fireplace, windows, cold room, woodshed
19 Development drawings: floor plans, elevations, sections, bedroom, kitchen, structure, stairs, mantelpieces, dormer, doors, fixtures
3 Working drawings: foundations, elevations
3 Detail drawings: vents, staircase
1 File folder: correspondence; clippings

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