E.J. Maxwell Limited Office Building(7/1944 - 8/1944)
5080 (5084) Saint-Ambroise Street, Montreal [Saint-Henri], QC, Canada
Commercial, Office building [2 floors, 7 offices]; brick; composite

Client: E.J. Maxwell Limited
Architect: W.S. Maxwell & G.M. Pitts

Description: Edward John Maxwell (1836-1912) founded the E.J. Maxwell & Co., a firm of contractors and lumber suppliers, in 1862. E.J. Maxwell followed in the footsteps of his father Edward Maxwell (1805-1876), himself a carpenter, who came to Canada with his family in 1829. E.J. Maxwell’s two sons, Edward and William Sutherland Maxwell, became well-known architects and worked together from 1902-1923. The E.J. Maxwell Co. had a factory on Nazareth Street (235) built around 1907 by E. & W.S. Maxwell. The company was eventually run by Edward Blythe Maxwell (born 1900), a graduate of McGill University and Edward Maxwell’s eldest son until his death in May 1944, three months before this project took place. The new office building is an elegant two-storey, flat roofed, 58’-6' x 37’ brick pavilion with symmetrical, classical elevations and a broken pediment above the main entrance. It was attached to a garage and a sawdust bin that were later demolished, as was a boiler room built in 195-. A large exhibition room, the superintendent and checker’s office, and the men’s dining room are on the ground floors. A general office and four private offices are on the second floor. The company remained in the hands of the Maxwell family until its sale in 1972. It still existed in 1999 under the name E.J. Maxwell Limitée, at 5080 Saint-Ambroise Street, the only remaining building from the original compound.

Holdings: Office building (2 floors, 7 offices); brick; composite
8 Drawings: 1 pencil on paper; 8 blueprints
5 Working drawings: foundation plan, floor plans, roof plans, elevations
2 Detail drawings: fixtures
1 Consultant drawing: foundation plan
Comment: 1 drawing by Archambault and Roy, Engineers, dated 24/8/1944, is included.

Comments: 1 drawing by Archambault and Roy, Engineers, dated 24/8/1944, is included.

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