I M A G E S:
Consolidated Housing Corporation, Housing Development(7/1941)
Masson and Iberville Streets, Montreal, QC, Canada
Residential, Housing [basement, 2 floors, 2 bedrooms]; wall bearing

Client: Consolidated Housing Corporation
Architect: W.S. Maxwell & G.M. Pitts

Description: The Consolidated Housing Corporation may have had these eight houses erected in conjunction with the wartime housing effort. The houses were located near the Iberville Street underpass at the crossing of the CPR railway in a semi-industrial, working-class Montreal east end neighbourhood. It is fairly similar to the houses built for Joseph Caine (672) in the same area. The two-storey, flat-roof houses are small and plain-looking. Two types predominate: Type 1 houses are 20 x 30, with a living room facing the street, the kitchen and the dining room to the rear. Three bedrooms are upstairs. Type 2 houses are narrower at 16, their dining alcove smaller. There are two bedrooms upstairs.

Holdings: Housing (basement, 2 floors, 2 bedrooms); wall bearing
2 Drawings: 2 pencil on paper
2 Working drawings: floor plans, elevations, sections

I M A G E S:  Drawings  
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