D. Forbes Angus House, Alterations and Additions(6/1908 - 7/1908)
Senneville, QC, Canada
Residential, Country house [additions: 2 floors with 2 bedrooms and servants' hall, stable, ice house]

Client: D. Forbes Angus
Architect: E. & W.S. Maxwell

Description: D. Forbes Angus, a mining magnate who lived at 243 Drummond Street (258) had this compact Shingle style country house expanded three times from 1902 to 1908. Originally a square box capped by a hip roof with four rooms on each floor (ground floor: reception, dining living rooms and a bedrooms; first floor: four bedrooms and a bathroom) it had a small kitchen annex at the back, beyond the dining room. This annex was extended twice to provide a servantsí hall, pantry and servantís bedroom. A third and final addition to the side added two bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor, above an open porch framed by semicircular arches. The playful geometry of the extensions with walls and roofs clad with wood shingles blended well with additions to auxiliary buildings also worked on by the Maxwells: a large barn, a water tower, an ice house and a laundry with a curving roof. In 1919 the architects submitted designs for a large, single-floor cottage with two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room; it is unclear if it was built at all. In 1922, D. Forbes Angus inherited Pine Bluff (268) from his late father R.B. Angus. He nevertheless had another imposing country house built in 1926 at 200 Senneville Road to plans by Shorey and Ritchie architects. He may have sold his smaller country house then; it had been demolished since.

Holdings: Country house (additions: 2 floors with 2 bedrooms and servants' hall, stable, ice house)
27 Drawings: 11 ink on linen; 3 ink on paper; 6 pencil on paper; 1 watercolour on paper; 6 blueprints
3 Measured drawings: floor plans
8 Development drawings: floor plans, elevations, servants' hall, stable, cow shelter, barn
1 Working drawing: floor plan, elevations, sections
15 Detail drawings: floor plans, elevations, sections, mechanical, furnace room, washroom, fireplace, chimney, windows, coal bin, wine cellar, furniture, gallery, fittings, porch, water tower

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