I M A G E S:
G. Andrews House(1907 [1906-7])
(245) Pine Avenue West, Montreal, QC, Canada
Residential, Urban house [attached, 3 floors, 4 bedrooms]; brick; wall bearing

Client: G. Andrews
Architect: E. & W.S. Maxwell

Description: Although typical, the G. Andrews row house has a particularly appealing plan. All main rooms are found on the first floor; the main entrance on ground floor leads immediately to it. The front rooms, -- an oval drawing room taking advantage of the bay-window projection, and the smaller sitting room, -- relate well to the large dining room, whose corners are cut to create an octagonal perimeter. The transition to the pantry and the kitchen is also cleverly handled, using the 45-degree angle to the corner of the large dining room and the corresponding angle in the exterior wall. Circulation spaces are kept at a minimum, with rooms well serviced by the stair hall and corridors. There are four bedrooms upstairs. Many brick row houses designed by the Maxwells to the same proportions, details and plan, notably the Barnes (291), and Edwards (390) residences (built near Durocher Street and now demolished) and the still standing Baile Houses (279) were built around the same time on Pine Avenue.

Holdings: Urban house (attached, 3 floors, 4 bedrooms); brick; wall bearing
18 Drawings: 17 ink on linen; 1 ink on paper
7 Working drawings: floor plans, elevations, sections
11 Detail drawings: kitchen, pantry, bedroom, washrooms, staircases, chimneys, flue, mantelpiece, skylight, doors

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