I M A G E S:
James Crathern House(1898)
Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, QC, Canada
Residential, Country house [2 floors, 6 bedrooms]; wood; wall bearing

Client: James Crathern
Architect: E. Maxwell

Description: Six years after commissioning Edward Maxell to design his urban house on MacGregor Street (69), James Crathern, a wholesale hardware dealer in the firm Crathern & Caverhill, had the same architect build this country house in Ste-Agathe. Crathern secured property of a site next to James Gardner’s property on Lac Brulé (85) and close to Thomas Hodgson House Château-du-Lac (101) built in 1896 and the Thomas Shearer Stewart (616) House (Stewart was James Gardner son-in-law) built in 1920. Less ambitious and picturesque than its log house neighbours, the Crathern House, a pleasant Shingle style two-storey cottage, featured ground floor rooms (dining room and living room facing the lake, kitchen and bedroom at the rear) organized around a large central hall. The first floor comprised five bedrooms. The lakeside front elevation was symmetrical with its long gallery, whose roof gently curved and merged with the wall above. A steep hip roof was animated by eyebrow dormers that Maxwell used repeatedly in many of his designs and was punctuated by a larger dormer above the main entrance. The side and rear elevations were less formal as the house stretched in the back into an extension comprising the kitchen and ice house. An oversized archway joined it to the main house. A later addition made this extension longer, as a new kitchen replaced the older one near the ice house. Unlike the Maxwell-designed log house of Lac Brulé that survived, the Crathern cottage was torn down to make way for a modern structure.

Holdings: Country house (2 floors, 6 bedrooms); wood; wall bearing
16 Drawings: 15 ink on linen; 1 ink on paper
1 Presentation drawing: floor plan
8 Working drawings: foundation plan, floor plans, elevations, section
7 Detail drawings: fireplaces, chimneys, mantelpiece, verandah, entrance stair, ice house

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