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George Cook House(1895)
Sherbrooke Street and Elm Avenue, Westmount, QC, Canada
Residential, Urban house [semi-detached, basement, 2 floors, attic, 7 bedrooms]; stone; wall bearing

Client: George Cook
Architect: E. Maxwell

Description: The George W. Cook displayed an interesting treatment of the corner row house, to be compared to the nearby Dr. Elder’s house at Mount Pleasant Avenue (77). It presented its long façade and its entrance to Elm Avenue, with a narrow public elevation on Sherbrooke Street, animated by a bay window whose central panel was a chimney stack. As with many earlier Edward Maxwell designs, it betrayed an eclectic, almost flamboyant manner. The Elm Avenue elevation presented no less than three gables, echoing their use in country houses such as that of Sir William Van Horne (210) at Minister’s Island, each surmounting a Palladian window, as well as asymmetrically placed openings and projections. The dining room walls were graced with curving partitions and doors while the heavy bay window projection on Sherbrooke Street included a fireplace with seats on each floor. A small boudoir on the first floor had a corner window acknowledging the street crossing. At the attic level, a large billiard room replicated the drawing room configuration. This house has been demolished. G. Cook’s property at Morrisburg, Ontario (63) was also extended by E. Maxwell.

Holdings: Urban house (semi-detached, basement, 2 floors, attic, 7 bedrooms); stone; wall bearing
21 Drawings: 16 ink on linen; 4 ink on paper; 1 pencil on paper
4 Presentation drawings: floor plans, attic floor plan
7 Working drawings: floor plans, attic plan, elevations, section
10 Detail drawings: structure, vestibule, stairs, mantelpieces, fittings
Comment: Client probably the same as George W. Cook.

Comments: Client probably the same as George W. Cook.

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