I M A G E S:
G.M. Clark House([1898])
Cobourg, ON, Canada
Residential, Urban house [basement, 2 floors, attic, 7 bedrooms]; wall bearing

Client: G.M. Clark
Architect: E. Maxwell

Description: This two-story brick house with classical details was built in Cobourg, Ontario, a small town on Lake Ontario halfway between Kingston and Toronto. The entrance porch comprises a broken pediment above a fan light, supported by pairs of slender Tuscan Columns. Above and either side of the entrance, two large three-tiered windows are capped by a glassed tympanum. The house originally included a reception hall behind the main entrance, opening to the drawing room; the library and the dining room opened to the side and rear facades. The butlerís pantry and the kitchen were situated in an appendage to the rear. The first floor comprised five ample bedrooms, four at each corner of the main volume and one above the kitchen wing, and a bathroom. Two smaller bedrooms were in the attic. There were no less than eight fireplaces, four on the ground floor and the rest on the first floor. Edward Maxwell contributed plans for minor extensions and modifications to the dining room and the main bedroom above, adding a small extension to the right-hand side of the main elevation, breaking the symmetry.

Holdings: Urban house (basement, 2 floors, attic, 7 bedrooms); wall bearing
8 Drawings: 1 ink on linen; 6 blueprints; 1 black line
1 Development drawing: floor plan
7 Working drawings: floor plans, attic floor plan, elevations, section

I M A G E S:  Drawings  
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