I M A G E S:
Clapham Heirs Building, Alterations(12/1898-9/1899)
Place d’Armes, Sainte-Anne Street at Fort Street, Quebec City, QC, Canada
Commercial, Residential, Retail store [split level, basement, 3 floors, upper floors, 4 bedroom apartment, 1 servant's room]; composite

Client: Clapham Heirs
Architect: E. Maxwell

Description: Before the alterations took place, the building that stood at the intersection of Sainte-Anne Street and du Fort Street, across the Place d’Armes from the Chateau Frontenac (319), was a Neo-Classical three-storey stone pavilion with a hip roof. The long west elevation on Sainte-Anne Street stretched about 45 feet. To the rear, a two-storey perpendicular annex in a similar style bordered on du Fort Street, extending east to the Post Office. Both wings left a yard space to the south-east portion of the property. This annex and the northern portion of the main house had to be demolished, probably due to street widening. A new side façade on Fort Street was rebuilt 15 feet inside the previous property line, cutting into the main house, while the annex was rebuilt in the former yard, its north façade flush with the side elevation of the main house. After these demolitions, the building stood as a rectangle, 30’ wide and about 70’ long, with its narrow end facing Sainte-Anne Street. A ticket store with new show windows was installed on the ground floor. In the same manner, show windows were also fitted for a retail store facing Fort Street. The upper floors are now occupied by an apartment of four bedrooms, one on the first floor with living and dining rooms, and the other three on the second floor, with a bathroom and a servant’s room. The new roof is dramatically different from the previous one. It is a complex wood frame, with a steep slope and towers capped with conical roofs on Sainte-Anne Street. This small building still stands today in Old Quebec.

Holdings: Retail store (split level, basement, 3 floors, upper floors, 4 bedroom apartment, 1 servant's room); composite
40 Drawings: 22 ink on linen; 1 ink on paper; 4 pencil on paper; 11 watercolour on linen; 2 watercolour on paper
7 Measured drawings: floor plans, elevations
15 Development drawings: floor plans, sections
6 Working drawings: floor plans, elevations, sections
12 Detail drawings: elevations, sections, structure, mantelpieces, dormers, bay, fixtures, cornice, ironwork, turrets

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