I M A G E S:
Canadian Pacific Railway, Hotel and Station([1898-1899])
Sicamous Junction, Lake Shuswap, BC, Canada
Commercial, Transportation, Station [basement, 2 floors]; wood shingles; wall bearing

Client: Canadian Pacific Railway Company
Architect: E. Maxwell

Description: The Sicamous Junction stood at the crossing of the Transcontinental line and that leading to Okanagan Landing, where travelers could transfer to boats servicing the lake. The station and hotel were spectacularly situated by Lake Shuswap. The smaller resort hotels built in the Rockies by the CPR met two needs: dining room cars were too heavy to haul over this mountainous environment and the hotelís dining room would provide, at carefully timed stops, a pleasant and welcome stopover. In addition, the resort clientele would in turn augment the general train traffic. In 1898, the existing Sicamous wood train station burned to the ground; Edward Maxwell was asked to design a brand-new facility. A long, narrow wood shingled rectangle with ground and first floor, plus an attic floor under the dramatic, sweeping sloping roof, faced the tracks on the main side and the lake on the other side. Above the water the building was resting on wood piles. A covered gallery surrounded the station on three sides. To the twenty-eight original guest bedrooms and the large dining room, were soon added (in 1910) 35 other rooms. The hotel was in exploitation until 1956 although rail services to Okanagan were already reduced. The station itself was closed in 1964 and demolished shortly thereafter.

Holdings: Hotel and station (basement, 2 floors, attic); wood; wall bearing
20 Drawings: 12 ink on linen; 2 ink on paper; 6 pencil on paper
3 Measured drawings: site plans
3 Development drawings: floor plans, elevation
8 Working Drawings: lot plan, floor plans, attic floor plan, elevations, sections
6 Detail drawings: washroom, structure, staircases, gallery

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