I M A G E S:
Canadian Pacific Railway, Fraser Canyon House, Additions(11/1897)
North Bend, BC, Canada
Commercial, Hotel [2 floors and attic]; wood; wall bearing

Client: Canadian Pacific Railway Company
Architect: E. Maxwell

Description: This hotel was among three CPR facilities in the Rocky Mountains. Locomotives were not powerful enough to haul dining cars to high altitudes. Hotels and dining stations had to be provided at regular intervals. Picturesque sites were chosen to attract visitors for short-term sojourns as well as to please transient travellers. Edward Maxwell designed the Sicamous Hotel (39) and remodelled the Glacier House (35). In 1897, he prepared drawings for an addition to Fraser Canyon House, situated at North Bend, BC. A modest balloon-frame and clapboarded structure, the house included a large dining room at the ground level and 16 guest rooms on the first and attic floors.

Holdings: Hotel
8 Drawings: 3 ink on linen; 5 pencil on paper
5 Measured drawings: floor plans, attic floor plans, elevations, dining room
3 Development drawings: floor plans

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