D. Forbes Angus House, Alterations and Additions(1/1908-7/1913)
243 Drummond Street, Montreal, QC, Canada
Residential, Urban house [addition 1913: basement, laundry and trunk room; ground floor, kitchen and servants' hall; first floor: sewing room; addition 1919: basement, ironing and drying room; ground floor, palm room; first floor, bathroom]; stone and brick; composite

Client: D. Forbes Angus
Architect: E. & W.S. Maxwell

Description: Donald Forbes Angus, eldest son of Richard B. Angus (268), married Mary Ethel Henshaw in 1894. He was President of International Coal Co., owner of Carter White Lead Co. (322) and a director of the Bank of Montreal and Paton Manufacturing Co. Like his five sisters and his father, he owned a country estate in Senneville (257) and had commissioned Edward Maxwell to work on renovations there from 1902. He naturally turned to E. & W.S. Maxwell in 1908 when work was needed at his city house at 243 Drummond Street, The architects redesigned the verandah, the entrance hall and the cloak room. In 1913, an eastern addition to the back beyond the kitchen provided a trunk room, wine cellar and larder (basement); a kitchen and a servants� hall (ground floor) and a bedroom (first floor). In 1919, another small addition behind the dining room housed a palm room on the ground floor and a bathroom adjacent to Mrs. Angus� bedroom on first floor. Facade details were kept simple (stone on ground floor, brick above) as these additions were not visible from the street. Maxwell & Shattuck architects also added a floor above Mr. Angus� garage on Mountain Street in 1927, providing a new two-bedroom apartment. The mansion stood on the east side of Drummond Street, across the street from his father�s imposing mansion and near his brother-in-law Dr. Walter Chipman and his wife Margaret Forrest Angus (266) house. All three houses were demolished later on.

Holdings: Urban house (addition: basement: laundry, trunk room; ground floor: kitchen, servant's hall; first floor: bedroom, sewing room) 23 Drawings: 15 ink on linen; 2 ink on paper; 5 pencil on paper; 1 watercolour on paper 2 Development drawings: floor plans, elevations, sections 6 Working drawings: floor plans, elevations, section 15 Detail drawings: bedroom, hall, cloakroom, trunk room, stairs, railings, fittings, verandah, ironwork

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