W. de M. Marler House, Additions and Alterations(8/1898)
2373 Sainte-Catherine Street, Montreal, QC, Canada
Commercial, Retail store [addition: basement, 3 floors]; brick; wall bearing

Client: W. de M. Marler
Architect: E. Maxwell

Description: William de Montmollin Marler was a professor of Real Estate Law for many years at McGill University and was founder of the firm of W. de M. Marler & H. M. Marler, a partnership with his son. Edward Maxwell’s main work concerned the addition of rooms to the extension of the house. A pantry and two bedrooms were added behind the basement kitchen. Directly above, on the ground floor, a large dining room was added behind the library, with a lobby between the two. Another bedroom with its own bathroom was built as well. The front entrance received new stairs built with Georgia pine and iron balusters, a new door with sidelights for the vestibule, and new doors between the drawing room and the library. China cupboards were designed for the new dining room and the drawing room was furnished with a new mantel, elaborately decorated with mirror and tiles. On the whole the house received considerable remodeling. Edward also did similar extensive work on Marler’s Sainte-Catherine Street store.

Holdings: Retail store (addition: basement, 3 floors); brick; wall bearing
7 Drawings: 3 ink on linen; 4 watercolour on linen
5 Development drawings: floor plans, elevation, section
1 Working drawing: elevation
1 Detail drawing: structure
Comment: W. de M. Marler was a notary. 2373 St. Catherine St. was the premises of A.T. Wiley & Company Ltd. Crockery.

Comments: W. de M. Marler was a notary. 2373 Sainte-Catherine St. was the premises of A.T. Wiley & Company Ltd. Crockery.

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