I M A G E S:
George Horne Russell House (Cedar Nook)(1924)
165 Joes Point Road, Saint-Andrews, NB, Canada
Residential, Country house

Client: George Horne Russell
Architect: W.S. Maxwell & G.M. Pitts

Description: George Horne Russell was a Scottish painter who came to Canada in 1889. He was one of most sought-after portrait and landscape painters of that period. His work was exhibited in Dundee, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and London as well as in Canada, where some of his work was done under commission from the Canadian Parliament and the CPR. In 1924, Maxwell & Pitts were commissioned to design Mr. Russell a summer cottage and studio. They designed a two-storey structure composed of two joined blocks one containing the living spaces and the other the studio. Both structures are connected from by a inner passage. In the main block on ground level a hall with a staircase gives access to the kitchen and living room with a large fireplace located at the center of the layout. A porch faces the sea below on the south side, whereas the north side is sheltered from the auto-route by cedars. The studio is a one-storey space with a high ceiling. Its fireplace is placed perpendicularly to the main space. The interior is lit by a high window on the north side. Cedar Nook is a stucco-clad building with the main house being covered by a gambrel roof. The studio is built of the same material, but crowned by steeply sloped hip roof.

Holdings: Country house
2 Drawings: 2 photocopies
2 Detail drawings: living room, windows
17 Photographs: 15 construction; 2 finished exteriors

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