I M A G E S:
B. Hal Brown Cottage (Inverlochan)(1898)
Saint-Bruno [Mount Saint-Bruno], QC, Canada
Residential, Country house [detached, basement, 2 floors, 5 bedrooms, 1 servant's room]; stone; wood; wall bearing

Client: B. Hal Brown
Architect: E. Maxwell

Description: B. Hal Brown (born 1857) was President and General Manager of Prudential Trust Co. Ltd. and General Manager for Canada, from 1889 to 1910, of the London and Lancashire Assurance Co. (130). He was also advisor in establishing pension funds for Canadian Pacific Railways Co. and the Dominion Express Co. (378). For his summer residence, Inverlochan, he chose a Mount Saint-Bruno lot, like his colleagues E.C. Pease (180) and George Drummond (74), on land overlooking Lake Moulin. Inverlochan is a smaller version of its neighbours: a stone and shingle exterior with half-timbering, dormers and bay windows, a multiple-sloped roof and a wrapping verandah facing the lake. The living room dominated the ground floor, leading to a library while the kitchen was in the back. Upstairs were five bedrooms. The Brown cottage is the only Saint-Bruno residence by Maxwell to have survived, as part of a larger building.

Holdings: Country house (detached, basement, 2 floors, 5 bedrooms, 1 servant's room); stone; wood; wall bearing
21 Drawings: 12 ink on linen; 7 ink on paper; 2 pencil on paper
3 Presentation drawings: perspective, floor plans
6 Development drawings: floor plans, elevation, section, bay
9 Working drawings: foundations, floor plans, elevations, section
3 Detail drawings: living room, hall, mantelpieces

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