Andrew Thomas Taylor (1850-1937) was born in Scotland and received his architectural training there and in London. After briefly practising architecture in London, Taylor emigrated to Canada in 1883 where, for the next twenty-one years, he practised architecture in Montreal. In partnership with George William Hamilton Gordon (ca. 1854-1906), an English-born architect who trained in London in the offices of Alfred Waterhouse (1830-1905), Taylor designed six buildings for McGill University, including the Redpath Library Building and the MacDonald Physics Building. Taylor and Gordon also designed numerous commercial buildings in Montreal and throughout Canada, including a number of branches of the Bank of Montreal and the Merchants' Bank of Canada. Taylor returned to England in 1904 and pursued an active career in public service.


Architectural drawings of the house for George Drummond were donated to the CAC by Patrick Stoker. The architectural drawings of the Montreal Diocesan Theological College are on an extended loan from Dr. John Simons, the principal of the College.


Architectural Drawings, 1888-96, 27 drawings. A house for George Drummond on Sherbrooke Street in Montreal and the Montreal Diocesan Theological College on University Street are documented in watercolour drawings of plans, elevations, and sections. In addition, there are measured drawings of the Hugh Allan house on Pine Avenue West in Montreal, designed by John William Hopkins (1825-1905) in 1861. These drawings were used for Taylor and Gordon's designs for additions to the Allan house.
There are also drawings by Andrew Taylor for the Montreal Maternity Hospital (Centre Hospitalier Ste-Jeanne-d'Arc)1903.

Photograph, n.d. There is an undated photograph of a measured drawing of the Hugh Allan house.

Book, Andrew T. Taylor, The Crowns and Steeples Designed by Christopher Wren (London: B.T. Batsford High Holborn, 1881)


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