FREDERICK G. TODDCAC Accession No: 5000


F.G. Todd worked with the Maxwells on several projects in Quebec. In many cases, Todd's drawings are included in the Maxwell archive.

Maxwell Archive

[327] Mount Royal Park Lookout, Design(1906) Montreal, QC, Canada

[74.0] E.S. Clouston House, Additions and Alterations Bois-Briant [Senneville], Canada;

[277.0] J.K.L. Ross House(5/1908-6/1910) 3647 Peel Street, Montreal, QC, Canada;

[275.2] Richelieu & Ontario Navigation Co. Hotel (Manoir Richelieu Hotel)(1/1900-7/1900) La Malbaie [Murray Bay], QC, Canada;

[570] Saskatchewan Legislative Building([1907-12]) Regina, SK, Canada