GE Wilson Archive Inventory


Design drawings. McGill, School of Architecture, 1930-1935:

1. "Design for a Post Office Building Using Motifs from the Rezzonico Palace Venice." Anglin Norcross Prize for Drawing.1930
2. "An Elevator Lobby". October 3, 1930
3. "Ornament and Decoration: Heraldry". November 13, 1931
4. "Church of St-Andrew and St-Paul." Front entrance. Montreal. 1932
5. "Church of St-Andrew & St-Paul, Side Door". Montreal. August 9, 1932
6. "Design for a Library as an Addition to an 18th Century School in Quebec". Quebec City. October 7, 1932
7. Perspective. "Sherbrooke Street, Montreal". 1933
8. "Ornament and Decoration: Design for a Garden Gate". January, 1933
9. "A Stained Glass Window: Ornament and Decoration". March 10, 1933
10. "Design for a Memorial Church on a Large Country Estate". April 7, 1933
11. Illustrated plan. "Authentic Mappe of olde McGill". 1935
12. Illustrated plan. "Authentic Mappe of olde McGill". Coloured duplicate. 1935

Note books. History of Architecture, McGill University, 1931-1933:

13. Egypt and Greece. January 193178p.
14. Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Architecture. April 1931 51p.
15. "The Architecture of the Renaissance in Italy, France, England". Session 1931-193277p.
16. "The Architecture of the Renaissance in France (cont'd), England". Session 1931-193255p.
17. "A History of Mediaeval Architecture". Session 1932-1933 80p.

Sketch books. McLennan Travelling Scholarship. McGill, Architecture, 1934:

18.Stockholm, Sweden.26p.
19.England (Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Gidea Park Housing Exhibition, Royal Horticultural Hall) and Sweden (Engelbreckt Church).34p.
20.England: Miscellaneous items including Mount Royal Flats, wrought iron, etc.30p.
21.London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Hilversum and France. Includes drawings, sketches and photos.42p.

Drawings. McLennan Travelling Scholarship. McGill, Architecture, 1934:

22.Measured drawing. "Magdalen College: Details of New Dormitories." Oxford.July 1934
23.Drawing. "Lincoln." England. July 1934
24.Illustrated map. "A Voyage of Architectural Discovery." Hugh McLennan Memorial Travelling Scholarship in Architecture.Summer 1934
25.Photo album. Contains black & white photographs, with annotations. "My Trip to Europe on McLennan Travelling Scholarship, McGill, School of Architecture, Summer 1934". 66p.
26.Measured drawing. "Full Size Marble and Stone Details from the Town Hall, Stockholm, Sweden". 1934
27.Measured drawing. "Doorway to Lady Chapel, 1449, Holy Trinity Church." Long Melford, Suffolk.


28.Photo album. Contains black & white photographs of his work, 1935-1940. Includes a coloured photograph and newspaper clippings. - 77p.
29.Residence for Mr. Chas Coderre. Outremont, Quebec, 1935. Contains (4) photographs.
30.Residence for Mr. F.T. Parker, Esq., Upper Belmont ave, Westmount. Includes working drawings and details (51 blueprints), a diazo, a listing of drawings, one rendering, and a photograph. [1935]. Awarded Honourable Mention Design, RAIC, 1937.
31.Alterations to residence for F.A. Hungerbuhler, Esq. "Bellevue", Carillon, Quebec. 1936-1937. Includes working drawings and details (20 blueprints), and (3) photographs.
32.Residence for Mr. J.H. Hutchinson and Mr. F.G. McArthur, Ste-Marguerite, Quebec. April-May 1939.Includes working drawings and details (17 blueprints), a time sheet, and a photograph.
33.Residence for Mr. & Mrs. W.G. McConnell. Ste-Marguerite, Quebec, 1939. Includes working drawings and details (46 blueprints and 2 tracing papers), (2) renderings, and a list of drawings.
34.Measured drawing. "A Country House." Ink and water colour on arch paper. January 1940.


35.Wilson, G. Everett. "An Architectural Tour of Northern Europe." JRAIC 12, no.4 (April 1935): 57-61.
36.Original drawings (69) of the manuscript for How to Identify Aircraft. Includes an order for engravings by the Globe and Mail (January 21, 1943), a printed copy of pp.15-16 of How to Identify Aircraft.
37.How to Identify Aircraft. G.E. Wilson. Toronto: Wm. Collins Sons & Co., 1942.
38.Aircraft Identification for Fighting Airmen. G.E. Wilson. Philadelphia: David McKay Company, 1943.
39.Original drawings (75), typeset ( 39 p.), manuscript (5 p.), and the book cover for How to Plan The Home You Want. 1945.
40.How to Plan The Home You Want. G. Everett Wilson. Toronto: Wm. Collins Sons & Co., 1945. (2 copies)
41.Practical Home Plans. G. Everett Wilson. Toronto: Pioneer Publications of London, 1946.
42.Wilson, George Everett. "Home Improvement and Decoration." Home 1, No.5 (March 1946):10.
43.Office brochure. Design of Efficient Industrial Buildings. Prepared by Wilson & Newton Architects, 1953.
44.Report on the Feasibility of Enclosing the Donald D. Summerville Olympic Swimming Pool for Full Twelve Month Use. Prepared by Wilson & Newton Architects. [August 15, 1969].
45.[Report] New National Headquarters for the Canadian Dental Association. [Prepared by Wilson Newton Roberts Duncan, Architects. 1976]. (2 copies)
46.Office brochure. Buildings for Industry. Prepared by Wilson Newton Roberts, Architects.
47.Office brochure. Wilson Newton Roberts Moody Moore Duncan.
48.Office brochure. Wilson Newton Roberts Duncan.

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