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Taylor went to London where he studied painting and engraving at the Goldsmith College of Art, London Central School of Arts and Crafts and the Byam Shaw School of painting. Taylor returned to Montreal in the mid 1930s whereupon he took up a post at McGill, teaching Drawing and Modeling from 1940 to 1943. He married his cousin, Miriam Magee, in 1936. Fred and Miriam had two sons, Jeremy, a photographer and Paul, parliamentary correspondent and member of parliament.

It was during the late 1930s that Taylor really began to pursue his career as an artist. He began with drypoints, aquatints as well as engravings. These early works, including many public buildings and urban scenes in Ottawa and Quebec primarily, demonstrate Taylor's highly-attuned comprehension of the medium and his mastered hand in the art of printmaking as well as highlighting his meticulous attention to detail and the sophistication of the finished work.
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