Project Overview
Virtual McGill

Daniella Rohan, Odile Bourbigot, Rebecca Michaels, Irena Murray, David Johnson, Glenna Vinokur

Virtual McGill: Campuses and Buildings has been developed as one of several documentary projects honouring the University's 175th anniversary. The project was conceived by the staff of the Canadian Architecture Collection (CAC), McGill University Libraries. It was implemented by McGill students with funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage.

The purpose of Virtual McGill is to give McGill students, past, present and future, a sense of the history of the individual campus buildings, as well as of the programs which were or are housed in them. The intention is also to share the history of McGill buildings, many of which once served as private residences of prominent Montreal citizens, with researchers, architects, and the community at large. Future expansions of the Virtual McGill web site will aim to arrive at a comprehensive architectural history of the University and its downtown and Macdonald campuses.

In addition to CAC-held photographs and drawings, the project has extensively drawn on the resources of other University repositories and affiliates. These included the University Archives, the Instructional Communications Centre, Physical Resources and the Notman Photographic Archive of McCord Museum of Canadian History. We are grateful to the above units for sharing with us their collections, as well as their equipment and expertise. A very particular word of thanks goes to the University Archives, since approximately three quarters of all images used in this project come from their collections and were digitized with their equipment. For textual information on university buildings, we have drawn on CAC files and the existing university and city publications, most notably those of Dr. Stanley Frost, John Bland and Donald Mackay, whose research has been invaluable to us. We encourage all interested parties to share with us their comments and additional information.

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Preliminary Concept (1994-95): Irena Murray, David Johnson and Debbie Miller

Project Team:

Irena Murray, Head, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections / Curator, Canadian Architecture Collection: Project Leader and Editor
Rebecca Michaels: Photography, Imaging, Research and Building Descriptions
David Johnson: Web Design, Systems Analysis, Website Direction and Maintenance
Odile Bourbigot: Translation into French
Glenna Vinokur: Web Design and Development, Graphic Design
Sylvain Pimparé: Image Conversion
Daniella Rohan: Architectural Consulting