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"Braehead" -- Notman Archive (McCord Museum)

Braehead was built in the English Gothic style by James Brown in 1861 for Orrin S. Wood, the manager of Allan's Montreal Telegraph Company. It is still located at the top of McTavish Street and was constructed of Montreal limestone taken from the demolished house of Simon McTavish which previously occupied the site. In 1879, Wood sold the house to Matthew H. Gault, who lived in it for many years before giving it to the army as a convalescence hospital for disabled soldiers. George H. Duggan bought Braehead in 1929 and occupied it until 1944, at which time he donated it to McGill with the proviso that he would live there until his death. In 1946, after Duggan had passed away, McGill's School of Commerce (now the Faculty of Management) moved in. Since the faculty already had possession of Purvis Hall, next door, a passage was constructed between the two houses. In 1975, Braehead underwent a general renovation and in 1977 it was allotted to the Faculty of Education which needed more room. This faculty still occupies the old Gothic mansion which has not changed its appearance much, even after so many years.

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Built 1861
Architect - Andrew B. Taft
Donor - George H. Duggan
Current use - Faculty of Education

"Braehead" (1890)
-- Notman Archive (McCord Museum)

"Braehead" (1944)
-- McGill Archives