Highlights from the University yearbooks Old McGill during Ramsay Traquair's (RT) tenure as Director of the School of Architecture give a sense of his involvement with the University:

1914 The Architecture Society was established; 37 students in the program.
1915 RT establishes the Architectural Association of McGill; Old McGill welcomes RT as Director.
1916 Travelling scholarships are founded to enable studies in Europe for three months
1920 Enrollment drops to 12 due to WWI
1921 RT named honourary advisor of Architectural Association
1923 RT is one of four speakers of the year; his two lectures were entitled Block Printing and Two Imaginative Artists, William Blake and David Scott.
1925 The department is recognized by Royal Institute of British Architects
1926 RT addresses students on the topic of Wood Cuts
1929 RT gives an illustrated lecture on The Old Church Architecture of Quebec
1939 RT's last year at McGill University

Illustrating these events and milestones are selected snapshots of the Architectural Society. Ramsay Traquair was one of its most active members and it was during this time that it was the most dynamic society in the university. The Society hosted a fancy Dress Ball and promoted healthy self-expression, as seen from some caricatures and satire from the architectural students. The foreshadowing of the present School of Architecture to be located in the Macdonald-Harrington Building is clearly visible in the group picture taken in 1938 with Traquair in front with his trademark winter fur coat.


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