Ramsay Traquair and His Successors: A Guide to the Archive / Ramsay Traquair et ses successeurs : guide du fonds, Canadian Architecture Collection, McGill University, Montreal, 1987 (2 vols.) provides a complete reference to the Traquair Archive. The guide contains three in-depth historical introductions by Professor John Bland: an introduction to the Traquair Archive; a biography on Ramsay Traquair; and a biography on Gordon Antoine Neilson. In turn Professor Norbert Schoenauer provides an informative biographical essay on John Bland. Professor Robert Derome comprehensively elaborates on the history of silver in Quebec, Traquair as art historian, and the workings of the Canadian Architecture Collection.

Janet Sader researched a detailed bibliography including related events. The primary and secondary sources were further subdivided into Traquair's personal and collaborative publications and his lectures, stored at the McGill Archves. The descriptive systems used for the inventory (drawings, architecture and silver photographs, and personal and professional papers) are given in the methodology. Three indices allow for easy access to information required: by project title, by typology, and by draughtsman. The three appendices round out the references by listing drawings and watercolours of non-Canadian subjects made by Traquair, the photographers, and the place authorities. Ten illustrations are reproduced in the guide for sample work.

The two volumes of Ramsay Traquair and His Successors: A Guide to the Archive is available for purchase ($35 + tax) at the Canadian Architecture Collection in the Redpath Library, Room 403, by phone (514) 398-5755, by fax (514) 398-6695, by email, or via the Canadian Architecture Collection homepage



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