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Albrecht Dürer 1471 - 1528. London: Studio, 1928.

McGill Notes:
Traquair book label inside front cover.

Blackader-Lauterman Library: Cutter W10.D865st

Boyd, J.S. Stereotomy of Gothic Vault Construction. S.l.: S.n., 1928.

Pollard, Alfred W. Italian Book Illustrations : Chiefly of the Fifteenth Century. London: Seeley, 1894.

McGill Notes:
Traquair's name on book label inside front cover. Includes 9 leaves of engraved plates and 28 full-page and other illustrations.

Blackader-Lauterman Library: NE659 P7


Richards, Charles Russel. Art in Industry: Being the Report of an Industrial Art Survey Conducted Under the Auspices of the National Society for Vocational Education and the Department of Education of the State of New York. New York: Macmillan, 1929.

McGill Notes:
Traquair's name on book label inside front cover. Includes 34 leaves of plates, some illustrations in colour.

Blackader-Lauterman Library: NK808 R53 1929


Watson, Walter Crum. Collection of Architectural Photographs. S.l.: s.n., 19--?

McGill Notes:
Traquair's name on book label on outside cover of each volume. Consists of 1103 plates of photographs, organized by place. The spines of the portfolio bindings are hand decorated and labelled. The titles of each volume are as follows below.

1.Apulia Basilicata
2.Tuscany Siena Arezzo Grosseti
3. Salerno
4.Rome Christian
5.Emilia & Lombard
6.Rome Ancient
7.Provincia Roma South
8.Provincia Viterbo
9.Sicilia Arbuzzi
10.Tuscany Pisa Lucca Firenze
14.Liguria Piemonte
15.France: Touraine Limousin Perigord Poitou Saintonge Guyenne 16.France: Provence
17.France: Guyenne Languedoc Lyons
18.France: Champagne Reims
19.France: Ile de France Orleans
20.France: Champagne Normandy Brittany
21.France: Vezelay
22.France: Burgundy
23. France: Auvergne Berry
24.France: Ile de France Piccardy Flanders Loraine
25.Spain: Galicia
26.Spain: Castilla Nueva
27.Spain: Old Castile
28.Spain: New Castile Toledo
29.Spain: Leon Asturias
30.Spain: Navarra I
31.Spain: Navarra II
32. Spain: Aragon
33.Portugal: Estremandu I
34.Portugal: Estremandu II
35.Portugal: Alemtejo
36.Portugal: Entre Minho e Douro
37.Umbria Marche
38.Portugal: Beira
39.England: South West
40.England: Yorkshire
41.England: Lincolnshire Nottingham Derbyshire Cumberland 42.Scotland
43.Greece Constantinople

Rare Book Dept., McLennan Library: Blackader-Lauterman Rare Books Folio WF W33 v.1-44


Furio, D. Vicente. The Cathedral of Palma, Majorca. Translated from the Spanish by J. Lindo-Webb. Palma, Majorca : Editions Costa, n.d.

McGill Notes:
Traquair's name on book label inside front cover. Presentation copy to Traquair by Eric L. Burgess (student) on Jan. 28, 1935.

Blackader-Lauterman Library: Cutter WGK40 F97

Hanneford-Smith, William. The Architectural Work of Sir Banister Fletcher. London : B.T. Batsford, 1934.

McGill Notes:
Traquair's name on book label inside front cover. The edition of this work is limited to 500 copies, of which 400 are for sale.

Blackader-Lauterman Library: Folio NA997 F5H3

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