The team for Ramsay Traquair: The Architectural Heritage of Quebec was composed of Irena Murray, Curator of the John Bland Canadian Architecture Collection and Head of the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections; Daniella Rohan, Architect - Urban Planner and Team Leader; David McKnight, Digital Collections Librarian and Team Manager; and 6 students: Maya Berger, Lorraine Carpenter, Raphael Couturier-Steinman, Ann Marie Holland, Stefan Lebel, and Daphne Weatherby. The students were responsible for the research, typing of text, transcribing interviews, and scanning, converting and archiving images for the website. Daniella Rohan and David McKnight provided the overall direction for the infrastructure and edited the content of the website. Irena Murray provided the concept and served as general editor. The website was redesigned by Andrew Ensslen in 2003. The task of re-creating Traquair's personal donations to the Library was undertaken by Ann Marie Holland.

The CAC would like to acknowledge the help of: Janet Sader, who kindly provided us with her bibliography, originally published in the 1987 Traquair guide; to the McGill University Archives in allowing us to digitize material pertaining to Traquair's involvement with the founding of the Blackader Library of Architecture at McGill University; and to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for kindly giving us access to information about the old furniture of Quebec and also allowing us to digitize several images in their collection. Last but not least, the CAC thanks the supportive staff of the Blackader-Lauterman Library of Architecture and Art for their assistance.

The CAC team for the Ramsay Traquair Project would like to express their gratitude to Industry Canada's SchoolNet Digital Collections Program for their sponsorship.

The Traquair Team:

Curator: Irena Murray
Project Manager: David McKnight
Project Leader: Daniella Rohan
Bibliographic Assistant: Ann Marie Holland
Students: Daphne Weatherby, Lorraine Carpenter, Stefan Lebel, Maya Berger, Raphael Couturier-Steinman
Web Designer: Andrew Ensslen
Assistant Programmer: Vijitha Iyadurai

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