The Canadian Architecture Collection (CAC) was established by Professor Emeritus John Bland, Director of the McGill School of Architecture for 31 years. As one of the McGill University Libraries' Special Collections, it is an important resource for architecture and urban planning research. Its mandate is to document the work of past and present architects who have studied and/or taught at the McGill University School of Architecture and Urban planning. Through photographs, drawings, and corollary documentation, the CAC also seeks to represent the evolution of the McGill campus, the city of Montreal, and the architectural heritage of Quebec and Canada.

In addition to supporting primarily the teaching and research requirements of the McGill School of Architecture and Urban Planning, the CAC assists other departments within McGill, and the architecture and art history departments in the region. The CAC also provides a service to practising architects, art and architecture historians, and independent researchers.


For questions reguarding exhibition loans or for archival information please contact the Curator

Our address is as follows:

Redpath Library Building, 4th floor
3459 McTavish Street, Montreal H3A 0C9


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