This bibliography, by Janet Sadler, was first published in the 1987 CAC guide to the Traquair Archives, pp.128-168. The continuing cooperation of the author is gratefully acknowledged in this edited online version.


These preliminary lists of sources by and about Ramsay Traquair are the first to be compiled and published.They are preliminary in the sense that no orderly search of Canadian newspapers or unindexed periodicals has been attempted, no research has been conducted among existant Traquair materials in Edinburgh, Scotland, and no systematic search for correspondence has been made.

The sources are divided into three major sections, all arranged chronologically and partially annotated. Each item is identified by a unique letter and number code.

The primary sources are separated into "Personal and Collaborative Publications" (P1-P78) and "Lectures" (L1-L71). Undated lectures are arranged alphabetically by title following the last dated item. Illustrative material has been differentiated to clarify the types of visual representations published.

The secondary sources (S1-S102) include reviews of Traquair's books, articles, and lectures, as well as biographical notices and references in significant texts. Publications have also been included which demonstrate strong indications of Traquair's influence either in the assumption of particular ideas or in the use of specific methodologies or examples. Series of reviews are listed under the title of the particular publication or lecture in question. An attempt has been made to demonstrate possible connections between the various texts, lectures, and manuscripts.

The sources present new materials for the examination of Traquair's attitudes and methods. In conjunction with the chronology they suggest new lines of inquiry that could lead to both broad and focused studies of Traquair's work.


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