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Compiled By Marilyn Berger
September 2003


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Schoenauer, Norbert. "$4,924,000 Tender by Argo is Lowest for P.E.I. Project."
Daily Commercial News (Toronto), 24 January 1963, 1.
Award winning design of the Fathers of Confederation Memorial Citizen Foundation is by architects Affleck, Desbarats, Dimokopoulos, Lebensold , in cooperation with town planner, Norbert Schoenauer

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Gazette (Montreal), 19 June 1999, J6.

Winters, Robert. "McGill Project to Get Wind-tunnel Tests."
Gazette (Montreal), 13 June 1984, A1-2.
Schoenauer comments on the funnel effect that will be created by a pedesteian bridge on Mansfield Street in Montreal

City Wants more Downtown Housing.
Montreal Downtowner, 3, no.22 30 May 1984, 1,3.
Schoenauer recommends a balancing of the commercial and residential FARs (Floor Area Ratio). Is in favour of mixed use buildings for more housing downtown

Kudos: Outstanding Teachers.
Reporter (McGill University), 20, no.28 30 May 1988, 1.
Norbert Schoenauer wins the Engineering Class of '51 Outstanding Teaching Award

King, Annabelle. "A new Way of Living Could be in Store."
Gazette (Montreal), 26 December 1981, 41.
Professor Schoenauer wants to turn under-used downtown space into dwellings.

Lamey, Mary. "Sunset Boulevard: Where Will I Live When I'm Old."
Gazette (Montreal), 21 November 1994, C8.
Schoenauer voices his thoughts on retirement living

Lamey, Mary. "A Home for the Hip."
Gazette (Montreal), 18 April 1997, F1-2.
Schoenauer comments on loft living.

"Visual Arts Centre Sale `in Full Swing'"
Westmount Examiner, 9 December 1982, 14.
A show of site sketches of towns and cities by four architects. Pictured are David Covo, Morris Charney, Bruce Anderson and Norbert Schoenauer.

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Star Weekly, 31 July 1965, 27-29.

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