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CAB Canadian Architect and Builder.

CAC Canadian Architecture Collection, Nobbs Room, McGill University Library, Montreal.

JRAIC The Journal, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

JTPIC The Journal of the Town Planning Institute of Canada.

MUBGMB McGill University Board of Governors' Minute Book.

MUS McGill University Scrapbook.

NMR National Monuments Record (England).

NPA Notman Photographic Archives, McCord Museum, McGill University.

Peterson Papers Department of Architecture File, Peterson Papers, McGill University Archives.

RCAM Royal Commission for Ancient Monuments (Scotland).

Tory Papers Henry Marshall Tory Papers, University of Alberta Archives.

UABGMB University of Alberta Board of Governors' Minute Book.

UASMB University of Alberta Full Senate Minute Book.



The major depository for Nobbs material is McGill University. The architect's drawings, plans, photographs, and papers form part of the Canadian Architecture Collection located in the Nobbs Room, McGill University Library. Additional material relating to his career at McGill can be found in the University Archives in the Board of Governors' Minute Books, the McGill Scrapbooks, and the papers of Principal Sir William Peterson. Information on Nobbs's role in the early planning for the University of Alberta, Edmonton, may be found in the archives of that university in the Board of Governors' Minute Books, the Senate Minute Books, and the papers of Dr. Henry Marshall Tory.


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