Habitat '67

Record Count: 23

Box No. Box Name Folders Dates Dimensions Summary

PF1 Reports and correspondence 9 1964-1967 0.15 correspondence and landscaping drawings [landscape consultant]; reports [concrete industry journals]; journal and magazine articles; prints and photocopies [design details]
PF10 Construction correspondence 51 1965-1968 0.25 Potenco inc. reports; contractor/sub-contractor correspondence --rough carpentry and millwork, box connections, basement, electrical, caulking/grouting, concrete, crane, building codes, demolition materials, drains/pipes, decking, doors/frames, drywall, insulation, steel, [Dept. of Installation Construction Branch]; Hon. Pierre Dupuy's residence; Herman Millar textile samples; house exhibits; field changes; shop drawings re. crane; project revisions, consultants site tour; winter work and heating; washer/dryer, security, lightning protection, hydro, hardware, home for the aged, central heating, house numbers, masonry, exterior lighting, lockers, maintenance
PF11 Construction correspondence and reports 25 1964-1968 0.32 building deficiency reports [post occupancy]; correspondence [engineers/consultants]; meeting minutes [Anglin-Norcross]; change of orders and claims; housing fixtures; Chrono; pile reports; elevators
PF12 Correspondence and Man and the Community 50 1964-1967 0.32 correspondence [excavation, postal, parking, windows, finishing, mechanical, metal work, children's play area, plastering, painting, fire protection, ceilings, glass, gravel, garbage, stairs etc.]; revised project estimates; Man and the Community [exhibition theme, master plan]; habitat schedule [critical path]; proposed restaurant; habitat study seminars; Mackay Pier [National Harbours Board]
PF13 Construction reports 22 1966-1967 0.4 construction reports [concrete testing by Warnock Hershey Co., Ltd.]; house unit surveys; foundation surveys; concrete charts; drawings
PF14 Construction reports 24 1965-1966 0.3 construction reports [concrete testing by Warnock Hershey Co., Ltd.]
PF15 Drawing transmittals 25 1964-1967 0.4 drawing transmittal forms [office drawings, shop drawings]
PF16 Structures and transmittals 28 1964-1966 0.4 preliminary drawings and supplementary reports [1964]; reports and calculations [Dr. komendant]; south plane loads; moments and reaction preliminary [house units]; transmittal forms [general, shop drawings, office drawings]; door schedule
PF17 Publications 31 1960-1966 0.32 clippings [newspaper and magazine incl. Time, Life]; journals [Habitat, Arkitektur, The Architecture Forum]; research resources; case studies; industry journals [Canadian Concrete Products, Building Mgmt., Engineering News-Record, Interbuild]; Expo '67 graphics manual
PF18 Specifications 29 1965 0.3 specifications [masonry, general scope, misc. specialties, painting, thermal insulation, membrane and waterproofing, foundation, elevatorsplumbing, heating etc. --some folders in French]; manual of design guides [C.C.W.E. Dept. of Installations]
PF19 Deficiencies and cost analysis reports 18 1973-1977 0.2 maintenance [contractual file, general reports, correspondence, drawings and photographs]; reports [deficiencies and "investigation and recommendations for a corrective maintenance program"]; transmittal forms; habitat cost analysis; personal indexes [C.C.W.E.]; tundra books (re. Habitat booklet); swimming pool sketches, post habitat [technical findings and assessments]
PF2 Clippings 25 1965-1967 0.3 newspaper article clippings; magazine article clippings [Canadian Press Clipping Service]
PF20 Journals 8 1965-1967 0.27 international journals in several languages [L'Architecture D'aujourd'hui, Baumeister, Casabella etc.]; press releases; articles [newspaper and magazine]
PF21 Manuals 2 August 1975 0.17 international code of human habitat [preliminary report, general information, pedestrian precinct]
PF22 Reports and documents 14 1965-1974 0.21 maintenance reports; contracts [M.S. and C.M.H.C.]; transmittal forms; technical report; specifications - finishes; correspondence [north cluster]; enclosing garage project; MS book III draft; north cluster report [drawings]; rug and curtain samples; correspondence with General Motors Canada, amendment to the technical report
PF23 Clippings 32 1964-1967 0.32 Newspaper clippings on Habitat '67; some correspondence with journalists and Canadian Press Clipping Services
PF3 Internal documents and reports 16 1964-1974 0.3 building operations and costs; preliminary drawings and supplementary reports [1964]; Expo '67 building and construction regulations; technical reports; schematic design, development and economic aspects of proposed [1964]; study of costs; aerodynamic investigation; corrective maintenance report [1974]; specifications manual; journal article ["Habitat 67" by David Jacobs].
PF4 Expo '67 publications and correspondence 4 1965-1967, 1969-1970 0.25 Expo '67 official guide books; Inside Expo '67 [book], Expo '67 building code manual; Expo '67 information manual; journal articles; Cornell correspondence and documents [aerodynamics], Japan World Expo '70 official guide book
PF5 Renovation documents 21 1985-1988 0.33 renovation documents [correspondence, specifications, drawings]; sale of building; apartment purchase; structural inspection; apartment refurbishing [apt. 386, apt.222, apt. 227]; general correspondence [1988]; misc. drawings; clippings re. state and sale of building [1980s]
PF6 Images (photocopies) 8 1965-1966 0.04 rental floor plans [C.M.H.C.]; photocopied images [models, perspectives, 22 story, plans and details]
PF7 Reports and meeting minutes 25 1964-1967 0.31 house exhibit [incl. correspondence re. furnishings]; electrical; construction inspection; drawing correspondence; concrete; job meetings; construction exhibit
PF8 Journals 25 1966-1967 0.25 journals [Architecture Canada, Progressive Architecture, Scientific American, Batiment, Prestressed Concrete Institute, The Canadian Architect, Architectural Design, Canadian Builder, Reader's Digest]
PF9 Reports and general documents 33 1964-1967 0.3 publicity [press releases, press conference notes]; inspector's progress reports; C.C.W.E. documents [technical criteria, correspondence, exhbitor's portfolio]; presentation documents [Ottawa, 1964]; Correspondence to & instructions from Expo, instructions to sponsors; Prov. of Quebec Association of Architects; Expo '67 building permits guide; presentation drawings,Expo accommodation and standard exhibitor's contract, project control and progress analysis summary